Why you should stay away from obesity


Overweight or obesity has become a major problem in many parts of the world. The kind of lifestyle that many people lead is actually the cause of being overweight. It is quite unfortunate that there are many people out there who do not know the dangers that are associated with being overweight. The consequences of this are that they end up doing nothing even if they realize that they are putting on weight in an abnormal way. If you are among those people, who do not take their weight seriously, then you need to keep reading this article for a chance to learn more. Here are some of the dangers that are associated with being obese or overweight.

High blood pressure

sdfdsdfgtredrfgThe research that has been done in some of the most developed countries in the world shows that there are many people suffering from high blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the major causes that lead to heart diseases. The causes of high blood pressure are associated with high intake of salt and sugar, lack of regular exercises, stress and excessive use of birth control. This, therefore, tells you that if you need to eliminate the chances of you having high blood pressure, all that you need to is to find a way of reducing the intake of some of the things that are mentioned above. You also need to develop a habit of regular exercises.

High cholesterol levels

People who are obsessed or overweight are in the risk of having high levels of cholesterol in their body. The dangers of this are that thy risk being a victim of several heart diseases such as coronary heart disease. There is no need of risking being a victim of such diseases when there is something that you can do to get rid of it once and for all.

Can cause cancer

swdfgfewertAnother danger that is associated with being overweight is that you risk getting cancer. When you are overweight, there are high chances of you having a hormonal imbalance, a phenomenon that is likely to make you a victim of cancer. It is good to take note of the fact that it has been proved beyond any reasonable doubt that people who are overweight have high chances of contracting cancer. The good thing is that you can always stay away from obesity by choosing your diet wisely and also engaging in various physical activities.

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4 Important Benefits of Unripe Bananas You Never Knew


While some may argue that unripe bananas contain have the same nutritional benefits as a ripe banana, scientific research says otherwise. The benefits of unripe bananas far outweigh those of a ripe banana. This is because of the changes in chemical composition during the frying, boiling, cooking, or ripening process. Nutritionally unripe bananas are an excellent source of minerals, vitamins, fiber, and starch, a critical component in the control and management of weight, blood sugar, and cholesterol.

These are the reasons why you need to eat more unripe bananas.

They contain resistant starch and pectin

t4gg4gr0ow4g4grg4Unripe bananas have large amounts of resistant starch and pectin that are important types of dietary fibers. Pectins and resistant starch act as prebiotic nutrients by stimulating the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. The resistant starch and bacteria are fermented in the colon by beneficial bacteria thus forming butyrate, which is a short-chain fatty acid critical for colon health.

Resistant starch is also proven to have health benefits such as:

1. Reducing fat storage and increases satiety

2. Enhances insulin sensitivity

3. Lower triglyceride concentrations and plasma cholesterol

4. Reduces Insulinemic and glycemic responses

One of the benefits of unripe bananas is high fiber content

Unripe bananas are mainly 70-80% fiber and starch as compared to less than 1% in ripe bananas. On the other hand, ripe bananas contain up to 16% sugar. Unripe bananas have a glycemic index of less than 40, as opposed to ripe bananas that range from 42-58. One of the benefits of unripe bananas, particularly for persons with weight issues is that they mitigate the rise in blood sugar after a meal, thus enhancing weight loss and helping in the control of diabetes.

They are a good source of vitamins

toisvreogv4torb4grgbreBananas are an excellent source of several vitamins particularly vitamin C (1) and vitamin B6. Vitamin C helps in the making of collagen a critical protein in the making and maintenance of blood vessels, muscles, tendons, cartilage, and skin.

Unripe bananas are high in vitamin B6. One medium size banana can have as much as 39% of the daily-recommended intake. Vitamin B6 is an essential vitamin performing functions such as:

1. An important actor on over 100 enzymatic reactions in the human body

2. Necessary component in the making of hemoglobin an essential protein for transporting oxygen in the body

3. Aids in blood sugar control

They are high in potassium

Unripe bananas, unlike ripe bananas, are high in potassium content. One cup serving of green banana nets you approximately 531 milligrams of Potassium against the 4700 mg recommended by the American Heart Health Association.

Furthermore, Potassium improves cardiovascular health as well as resulting blood pressure.

Symptoms And Treatment Of Double Vision


Double vision, whereby two images of a distinct one object are seen is a leading cause of blindness. But if it is caught in the early stages; diplopia patients have 100% chance of recovering good vision. And many people don’t realize it affects young people just as often as it affects older people. Make it a personal goal to get checked and treated. That way, you will have no problem in getting everything on your wish list.

Symptoms and treatment of double vision

Here are some symptoms of double vision depending on the cause

• Droopy eyelids and weakness in the eyes

• Headaches and aching around the eye such as eyebrows or temples

• Misalignment such as the cross-eyed or wandering eye appearance

• Pain with movements in both or one eye

Double vision is a medical condition that should be taken seriously. Some causes of double vision are pretty minor, but others require urgent medical care.

What is the cause of double vision?

twoeg4gpi4tg4g4g43tg4g43tThe vision system is a combination of multiple areas each with distinct important functions that are harmonized together into one automatic process that is, seeing. You may have assumed this is a simple process, well, that is totally wrong. The cornea, the lens, the muscles, the nerves and the brain all work together to harmonize the process.

Light enters through the cornea and is focused by the lens onto the retina; the extraocular muscles function to rotate the eye while the nerves transport signals containing visual information onto the brain where the information is processed.

Having said that, it suffices to say that any problematic part of this system can cause diplopia. Here are some of the causes. Problematic lenses: A cataract (clouding of the lens in the eye) is a symptom where the lens progressively becomes opaque thereby causing blurred vision. Seek out medical surgery to remove cataracts.

Problems in the muscles: when muscles become weak, the eye may not be able to gaze in directions. Muscle problems are caused by

• Myasthenia gravis-where the nerves in the head are inhibited from stimulating the muscles

• Grave’s disease

• Failure of the neurological system to keep the muscles in sync

Problems of the cornea: when the cornea is unable to direct the incoming light well then the distortion affects vision. Cornea problem may cause double vision in one eye only, and this may be corrected by use of glasses

Nerve and brain infections such as strokes, migraine headaches, tumors, multiple sclerosis, guillain, and diabetes are some causes. Multiple sclerosis damages the spinal or brain nerves that control vision.

The double vision condition is diagnosed through blood tests, imaging (magnetic resonance or computed tomography) or physical examination and treatment will include:

• Corrective surgery to remove cataracts

• Medications such as immunosuppressive drugs to treat myasthenia

• Control of blood sugar by use of insulin and other medicines

• Medical therapy and surgery to treat Grave’s disease: antithyroid medications to control production of hormones and radioactive iodine to destroy thyroid tissue cells